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It’s Friday!! ….

neonwineEach week we will post three wine suggestions just when you are thinking about what you want to do this weekend, or planning your week next week. 

Let’s face it – it is always good to have a recommendation ready for your next trip to the bottle shop.  And each week I will include the treat of the week! However, this week’s Weekly Wine-d Down simply cannot be missed!

So ….

Click here for your suggestions for Friday, 11th April 2014 ….

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d’Arenberg 2011 Single Vineyard Shiraz

I have finally got these written up to publish:



A little late but better than never, I say….

2011 seems to have been a rich and worthy vintage in the McLaren Vale. Some of these wines seemed much riper than their red fruited, more medium bodied 2010 counterparts.  Plus there were a few new ones…
Read More

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The Art of Blending Bordeaux and Hermitage

blackloImagine two French vignerons, who happen to be best friends, meeting to discuss wine – one from Bordeaux and one from Hermitage. The winemaker from Bordeaux laments about how their hard the vintage has been so far and that they don’t think that the wines coming from this vintage are going to be up to par. The two then hatch a plan.

After their grapes have been harvested, they start making wine. The good friend from Hermitage then surreptitiously sends their friend a batch of their freshly made wine. They go to every effort to make sure that no-one will ever know that this vintage of claret has been bolstered up with wines not allowed under the edicts of the Appellation Controlee for that region. The result of their endeavour produced wines with better structure and weight than efforts from neighbouring estate’s despite a difficult year.

Now, of course I am not saying this ever happened and I am not saying that it Read More

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The Great Australian Fizz

champ on beach 5a

Pic source: thewinemuse

Australians are drinking more Champagne than ever! Latest statistics show that we bought over five million bottles in 2012 and are now the seventh largest importer of the French bubbles.

I know that I have succumbed to temptation once or twice in the past year or so, who else?

And so with the strength of the Aussie Read More

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May 2014 is Aussie Wine month – FREE Kick off event 9/4/14



This May is celebrating Australian Wine. And so, it is time to start planning.  For Sydneysiders, there is a FREE! kick off event on the 9th April at City Cellar Door, Australia Square, 264 George St, Sydney on Wednesday 9 April, 12-8pm. Then on the 1st May, there is an amazing opportunity to taste some of Australia’s finest at the Ivy at Aussie Wine Unearthed.  And that is just for starters, Sydneysiders!

And there is plenty more happening around the country. From the Red Wine Weekend in Hobart to Opera in the Granite Belt.  So, don’t you need a holiday? Some place where the wine is great and the company convivial… Now is the time to take advantage of a whole month’s celebration on wine and get local.

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